1. The contest is organised by DPG Media Home Deco N.V./S.A., whose registered offices are at 2800 Mechelen, Hendrick Consciencestraat 40-42 (hereinafter referred to as “DPG Media”).
2. DPG Media reserves the right to change, postpone, reduce or cancel the contest (or part thereof) if circumstances demand. No misprint, spelling, typographical or other kind of mistake can be invoked under any pretext or impose any obligation on DPG Media.
3. No correspondence (letter, email and/or telephone communication) will be exchanged about these rules, the organisation or results of the contest. All additional communication or publication about the contest will be treated as a point of these rules. The decisions made by DPG Media will be final.
4. Any individual who lives in Belgium can take part in the contest apart from employees of DPG Media and companies (including staff and employees) involved in the contest, and excluding family members (in other words people living at the same address) of the people in the excluded groups. If an entrant is under 18 when taking part in the contest, he/she must obtain the explicit authorisation of his/her parents or guardian and submit this authorisation if requested by DPG Media.
5. The exact terms and conditions for taking part are given in the description of the contest. There is no obligation to purchase to take part in the contest, unless otherwise stated. Late answers or entries will not be considered.
6. The gifts won can under no circumstances be exchanged for their cash value or any other item in kind. The entrant will no longer be entitled to the prize if he/she has not come to collect it within two months of the end of the contest.
7. Unless otherwise indicated in the contest description, each entrant can only enter once. If several answers or entries are sent, DPG Media will only consider the first entry that it receives, without prejudice to DPG Media’s right to apply article 9.
8. A maximum of one prize will be awarded per address / place of residence where several people live together as a family.
9. In the event of abuse, a hoax or fraud, DPG Media specifically reserves the right to exclude the entrant(s) involved from this contest and/or other DPG Media contests.
10. By taking part in the contest, entrants automatically and without reservation agree for their name, address and, where applicable, photo, as well as their identification as entrants or winners, to be published by DPG Media. They waive any rights in this area.
11. Personal data collected from the entrants, will always be processed in accordance with DPG Media’s privacy policy, which you can consult on our website:
12. Should participation in the contest entail sending in or uploading material, the entrant cedes to DPG Media automatically and free of charge all intellectual rights to the material for the entire works and for the entire validity period of the rights, for usage in the context of the contest, without any further restriction and as broadly as legally permitted. With regard to any potential other right holders, the entrant ensures that they transfer their rights relating to the material to DPG Media in the same way. The transfer entails the right to reproduce, distribute and/or adapt the material (or have this performed) based on all means and processes and on all carriers. Each entrant confirms to have the prior approval from all persons depicted in the material to send this in and or upload it for the contest and to publish it in every media (print, websites, apps, TV, radio, etc.) operated by DPG Media, its affiliated companies and/or third parties. If minors are depicted in material, the entrant confirms having approval from the parents or guardian. The material sent in by the entrant may by no means present a situation disrespectful toward third parties, or portray a risk situation for the entrant or other person whosoever occurring in the material. No brand whatsoever, except for the DPG Media brands involved insofar as the use of these is part of the contest, and more generally no visual element whatsoever, may occur in the material that infringes on the privacy or on the rights of third parties. The material may not contain any offensive, insulting, pornographic, racist, shocking, illegal or indecent elements. No product or situation prohibited by law may be visible. DPG Media reserves the right to remove material that does not comply with the conditions expressed in these regulations, and on the basis of this to exclude the entrant from participating in the contest in question or in other ones.
13. If third-party technologies and/or media are used for the contest, this in no sense implies the involvement of these third parties in the contest. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the contest, DPG Media is the sole organiser.
14. By taking part in the contest, entrants accept these rules fully and unconditionally. For online, telephone or SMS contests: By taking part in the contest, entrants accept the limitations of the Internet, SMS and IVR services, including in particular technical services, the risk of interruptions and, more generally, the risks inherent to every online activity or any transmission via SMS or IVR. DPG Media does not assume any responsibility in this area.