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PDF files should be delivered according to the Medibel + v7standard (GWG_MagazineAds_1v4). Please deliver only one ad per file and include all marks. In case the ad has a trimsize, make it 5 mm. Text and/or images without trimsize must be at least 5 mm from the edge. For 2/1 ads, supply 2 x 1/1 page.

DPG Media supports the Medibel+ and international Ghent Workgroup standard for the delivery of advertisements.
Both standards are based on PDF/x-1a (PDF 1.3 – CMYK and neither permit transparency nor low resolution).

Current versions:
Medibel + v7: MagazineAds_1v4, GhentWorkgroup 1v4: GWG_MagazineAds_1v4.
Further details and the necessary downloads (creations settings and pre-flight profiles for several applications) are available from Medibel+ or Ghent Workgroup


Do you believe in informative communication that is totally suited to the tone and style of the magazine. If so, this formula will certainly enable you to achieve your goal!
Advertorials (or “Publireportages”) are advertisements in the form of a magazine article of which the concept, the tone of voice, and the layout are always adapted to the magazine in which they appear.

Rules for advertorials

Submitted advertorials must differ significantly from editorial pages. Create sufficient differences and keep to the following rules:


The ‘Publireportage’ logo will be added to all submitted advertorials.*
The ‘Publireportage’ logo will appear in the top centre of the single pages (font size 12 – arial), always in 100% black or negative on a black background. For double pages the logo will be placed on each spread or the right subsequent page, in the top centre.

Use of fonts

The fonts must always differ sufficiently from those of the magazine.


The models used for the advertorials are not allowed to have their face on the cover of the magazine.
Twice a year you can request a list of the most frequently used models from the art director of the magazine.


No references are to be made to the magazine, so make sure not to use the magazine’s name anywhere.
Do not address your reader directly as …reader.

Logo / product placement

Always use the advertisers logo and/or product placement


Submitted advertorials must differ significantly from editorial pages. Create sufficient differences and keep to these rules

*Please present DPG Media with the submitted advertorials 2 weeks before publication so we can check the content and present it to the editorial staff if necessary.
*Clearly state on your order form that this is a submitted advertorial.
*Format your pdf files according to the Medibel+ magazine specifications.
*Submitted advertorials are not given any preferential placement and do not appear on the cover

If you have questions, contact advertising.be@dpgmediawoonmagazines.be