• Digital Advertising: Conditions Générales



Display technical specifications

Delivery Material: material@dpgmediawoonmagazines.be

Deadlines Delivery Material:
Display: min. 3 business days before start of the campaign
Publi: min. 7 business days before start of the campaign
Editorial: min. 20 business days before start of the campaign
Intimate: tailor-made – to be defined
Minimum booking volume (budget before AF): € 5.000

General Conditions:

  1. Media Agencies get a commission of 15% when ordering a campaign.
    2. All rates are VAT excluded.
    3. All current rates are valid until further notice.
    4. All commercial proposals are valid for 30 days.
    5. Integrated solutions are sold on a fixed cost/week (average weekly pageviews previous quarter).
    6. Integrated solutions always start on Monday.
    7. Estimated pageviews (Integrated Solutions, Splash, Homepage Takeover) are a forecast and can never be a guarantee. No compensation possible based on these figures.
    8. No agency fee on realisation costs.
    9. When the holder of an option on a fixed fee product (CPD/CPW) is challenged by another interested party, the holder of the option will be informed and given 48 hours to confirm his interest by signing the according Invoice order. If not, his option is replaced by the option of the challenging party.


  1. Integrated solutions: amongst integrated solutions, exclusivity will be guaranteed.
  2. Display: no exclusivity will be guaranteed.
  3. Between display and integrations: no exclusivity will be guaranteed.